Massage Therapist

Patricia Perdomo, NMT

As patients at Somers Chiropractic and Wellness know, massage therapy is essential to injury recovery, improvement in circulation and flexibility, and overall health and vitality, and when patients need massage therapy treatments, Dr. Somers turns to his trusted and talented massage therapist, Patricia Perdomo. Patricia, a native of Colombia, is fluent in Spanish, and has over seven years experience as a massage therapist, treating patients with a wide range of health issues from the mild to the severe. Patricia received her Certification from the highly accredited Academy of Somatic Healing Arts with specializations in Neuromuscular, Kinesiology, and Pregnancy Massage Therapies. Like Dr. Somers, Patricia is committed to providing patients with the most comprehensive care to achieve the best total body results.

A personal recovery story

Patricia Perdomo, known as Patty to her patients, is no stranger to what it takes to recover from an injury. Though it may be hard to believe when seeing Patty smiling and laughing with others, and even more difficult to imagine when experiencing one of her incredible massages, shortly after Patty had her first child, she was stricken with the dangerous illness meningitis. As a result of the illness, Patty suffered a stroke, and over the course of 2 years had to relearn basic tasks as walking and talking.

Several years after recovering from this deadly illness, Patty and her family moved to Georgia, where Patty had the opportunity to begin studying at one of the most respected massage therapy schools in Georgia, Academy of Somatic Healing Arts (ASHA), and it was while she was attending ASHA that Patty experienced a second severe injury.

After losing her balance, Patty experienced a painful fall leaving her barely able to move. Immediately, Patty called one of her ASHA professors and explained what had happened. The professor, a chiropractor, asked Patty to come by his office. In extreme pain, Patty managed to drive to her professor's office, but when she arrived, she was in such severe pain that the professor had to assist her in getting out of the car and into the office.

The professor preformed a chiropractic adjustment on Patty, and within 15 minutes, she was able to walk again and had drastically less pain. After experiencing the amazing affects of Chiropractic she knew she wanted to work with a Chiropractor to help people recover from injuries, as she had, as well as helping those without serious injury to maintain their overall health.

Patty knows first hand that the path to recovery can be difficult, but with the commitment and care of medical professionals that strive to provide their patients with the highest quality of treatment and results, recovery is not only possible but well within reach, and Patty, like Dr. Somers, has made a personal commitment to providing this kind of care.